About Us

TagPro - Next Generation Labels for Cables

Cableflag Ltd.™ is an Irish registered company. We have created a patented system for labelling cables in the structured cabling sector, called the TagPro™.

We saw some years ago, that data centres and structured cabling specialists everywhere, were lacking choice when it came to labelling.

So, we set to work, consulting with the big names in the Irish sector and beyond, we designed our TagPro™ labelling system.

We currently distribute in Ireland and the UK. We intend to distribute in the US in the near future.

The unique advantages of our system include being adhesive free, installation is simple and fast with one click  and TagPro™ is easily removable with no special tools or blades.

We proudly source all our design, materials and manufacture here in Ireland. We have a further 4 products due for release over the coming year, all of which will be available throughout Europe and parts of the United States.

Our Suppliers

Automatic Plastics Ltd. Injection Moulding
Markmaster Ltd.
Print Finishing Specialists

Showoff Ltd.
App Design Specialists

Specialist Paper Suppliers

Creabis GmbH
3D Prototyping

FR Kelly
Patent Attorneys

Michelle Mc Loughlin

FG Cassidy & Co