Our System

TagPro™ from Cableflag Ltd.™ is a unique, patented, easy to use labelling solution for structured cabling in data centres & telecommunications facilities.
This stylish clip-on system will save you time and money.

TagPro™ is fast & easy to use, saving time and money

– TagPro™ can be rotated and moved on the cable, yet fixes securely

– It can easily be removed for relabelling or cable replacement

TagPro™ does not wrinkle, fade, or fall off, suitable for hot aisle

– The label is clear and easy to read, protected by the TagPro™

– We supply sheets which can be printed in any A4 laser printer, you will not have to spend money on specialised printers

Once your sheet is printed, please follow these simple instructions.

TagPro™ is designed to cater for CAT 5 & CAT 6 cables, Fibre Cables in pairs.

Cable diametres of 3.5mm to 6.5mm